About our company

So what’s the story?

Peergrade has its roots at The Technical University of Denmark where David was writing his PhD on Machine Learning. At the same time he was teaching a masters course and when the course suddenly grew from 20 to 130 students, it became clear that it would not be possible to keep grading and giving feedback to all students in the usual way.

Consequently Peergrade.io was born with the idea of letting students partake in the evaluation process as a way to provide them with more feedback and a possibility for extended learning. Other teachers immediately realised the potential of the idea and joined in.

The Peergrade team

David Kofoed Wind
Co-founder and CEO


Malthe Jørgensen
Co-founder and CTO


Simon Lind
Co-founder and CPO


Pamela Kunkel
Content Creator


Felipe Lacerda
Full-Stack Developer


Jamie Connelly
Full-Stack Developer


Carwyn Stephen
Full-Stack Developer