Hacking Peergrade: Group-to-group feedback
In our last “Hacking Peergrade” post we talked about how to create exemplar assignments in Peergrade. This time we will talk about how to facilitate group-to-group feedback in Peergrade. Normally, group hands in Peergrade allow one person to submit an assignment for the entire group but each student individually gives feedback to other groups. This […]
5 Places to Get an Education News Fix
Grab your cup of coffee and your digital device because all this news is web based. If you’re looking to stay up to date on everything newsworthy and education then bookmark these sites! Mindshift Why you need it: If you haven’t bookmarked Mindshift yet, do it now! Mindshift covers educational topics from K-12 to Higher Education to […]
Behind the Scenes with an Edtech Coach
This week we talked with Ari Flewelling, a tech coach in Southern California. We discuss the highs and lows of being a tech coach and who and what inspires her! Ari has had a long love affair with technology, often teaching herself how to use it along the way. When she became a teacher there […]
Creating an essay lesson plan on Peergrade
Peer feedback can be used in so many different ways, as a way to give feedback on an initial idea or integrated into the entire coursework. Below is our step-by-step guide to creating a lesson plan for an essay with peer feedback. This includes involving the students every step of the way! Discuss rubric criteria […]
The role of change agents in schools
This week we talk to Brad Shreffler a Curriculum Resource Teacher from central Florida. Brad is the Curriculum Resource Teacher (CRT) for a high school in Central Florida with over 4000 students in his school alone, his district encompasses over 300,000 students. He has been there through his high school’s 1:1 transition and watched the […]
6 teacher blogs to keep you inspired
If you’re looking to be inspired or just in need of a good read over your morning coffee, we’ve got you covered. Discover these 6 education blogs from dedicated teachers that share their insights, experiences, and tips to staying a passionate educator. Teach Thought Why you need it: For those double take headlines like “How […]
Single-Point Rubrics in Peergrade
Creating rubrics is a big part of using Peergrade and there are so many different ways to make one! The two types of rubrics that are most commonly used are holistic and analytic. A holistic rubric is a very general rubric which lists different levels of overall performance. An analytic rubric breaks down the characteristics of an […]