Flipped Learning in the University Classroom
Flipped learning put students at the center of learning and put teachers on the sidelines helping and guiding the students. Flipped classrooms vary in setup but the key component is that instructors are not standing in front of the class lecturing but answering questions and offering support as students work on projects and hands on […]
How to Teach Peer Feedback
Students can often feel under prepared or under qualified to be giving their peers feedback when in reality they are often as accurate as their teachers. Just read the research! To help students understand their value and capabilities as  peer reviewers it takes practice and a scaffolding. We’ve written before about different ways to introduce […]
Why tech grads need more than just technical skills to be employable
Imagine a frenetic hub of ingenuity and passion, where the best tech minds in the world come together to hone their technical skills, bounce ideas of each other and solve the most obtuse tech conundrums. This is 42, a 24/7 school that’s not only been endorsed by some of the greatest names in tech – […]
Connecting Clever and Peergrade
It’s now even easier for students to start giving feedback! Peergrade integrates with Clever to make it simple to add your classes from Clever into Peergrade. And while it’s quick and easy we thought we could make it even easier with this handy guide to all things Clever and Peergrade. Connecting with Clever To import […]
How receiving and producing feedback trains different skills
In this series of blog posts we will dive into the literature around peer review and peer feedback. Each post will summarize the main findings of a different academic paper. “Rethinking feedback practices in higher education: a peer review perspective” https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02602938.2013.795518 Authors: David Nicol, Department of Education Enhancement, University of Strathclyde Avril Thomson, Department of […]
In depth feedback is necessary for tech students – here’s why
Giving feedback to your tech students gives them that extra edge in the workforce Today, more than 11.5 million workers in the USA are employed by the tech industry with, according to CompTIA, a further 200,000 new jobs set to be created every year. The salaries are high and roles varied, so it’s understandable that […]
8 new ways to use peer feedback
We’ve complied a book of 8 activites that are perfect if you’re looking for a new way to use Peergrade or just looking to get inspired about how peer feedback can be incorporated into assignments. These activities were inspired by familiar activities that we’ve all used ourselves as either teachers or students. Now, we’ve updated […]