Are peers as accurate graders as teachers?
In this series of blog posts we will dive into the literature around peer review and peer feedback. Each post will summarize the main findings of a different academic paper. “Validity of peer grading using Calibrated Peer Review in a guided-inquiry, conceptual physics course” Authors: Edward Price, Department of Physics, California State University Fred […]
Evaluating Rubrics with Metarubrics
M e t a : more comprehensive : transcending : usually used with the name of a discipline to designate a new but related discipline designed to deal critically with the original : metarubric (Merriam-Webster) Using metarubrics to evaluate rubrics Metarubric is the concept of using a rubric to evaluate the quality of another rubric. It’s very meta. All joking aside, a metarubric […]
Why peer feedback needs to be part of AP exam prep
In 2016, nearly 2.5 million Advanced Placement (AP) exams were taken by nearly 5 million students. Doing some quick math that’s 2 exams per student (and we didn’t even take the AP calculus exam!). Before students ever step foot in that exam room they spend the school year taking AP classes, prepping, studying and practicing […]
How to pick the right assignment type in Peergrade
To add deadlines or not to add deadlines: that is the question! We get asked a lot about how to adjust deadlines or how to forgo deadlines altogether in Peergrade. The good news is that Peergrade can accommodate both structured deadlines or a flexible no deadline assignment. But which one should you use? Live Sessions vs. […]
How to Train Critical Thinking in 6 Sentences
The core idea builds on the assumption that writing is thinking. Erik Jentges was looking for a way to innovate the corporate sustainability courses at ETH Zurich where the courses are meant to turn students into changemakers in their workplaces. To build the critical thinking skills necessary to turn their students into changemakers, Erik helped […]
A Holistic Approach to Teaching Coding
The Moringa School is a software developer accelerator located in the “Silicon Savannah”, better known as Nairobi, Kenya. The educational programs at Moringa School help turn beginners into more advanced developers. However, what makes Moringa School stand out is their holistic approach to pedagogy, helping build career skills alongside coding skills. We spoke to Chief […]
Using Author’s Notes for Feedback
Author’s notes are a way to give context to writing, especially when it’s a work in progress. It also allows the writer to ask for specific feedback to take their writing to the next level. We became aware of just how impactful author’s notes could be after talking to teacher Jennifer Troester. Jennifer has been using […]