How to connect Google Classroom and Peergrade
Peergrade integrates with GoogleDocs and Google Classroom to make it easy to add students and upload files. And while it’s quick and easy we thought we could make it even easier with this handy guide to all things Google and Peergrade. Creating a Peergrade class from Google Classroom First, make sure you’re signed up with […]
Updates to Student Interface
via GIPHY  Why the happy dance? The new student interface has arrived! The updates only affect the student interface for regular assignments and will make students experience easier. If your students have been using Live Sessions, the new interface will look very familiar for giving feedback. The biggest change will be how students submit assignments […]
Case Studies with Peergrade
There are so many different ways to use Peergrade and most of the time we learn this from our Peergrade teachers. Every day you show us new and different ways to use Peergrade that we didn’t anticipate. Most recently we’ve made it easier to implement case studies. Case studies are when you want one or […]
Internal Group Feedback with Peergrade
We’ve returned with another installment of Hacking Peergrade, where we tell you how to trick ‘the system’ and allow for internal group feedback. While the final product is important, the process of collaboration and teamwork is often the more difficult part. Giving your students the chance to comment on their process of collaboration is equally […]
Title 1 Schools
Previously on Edtech Stories, we published an interview with Shawn and Brady and discussed their journey into edtech and what makes a great partnership. We also got into a long discussion about Title 1 schools. Both Shawn and Brady have a long history of working in Title 1 schools and offer insight into what it […]
How to create effective Feedback Rubrics – The ebook
Feedback rubrics are so much more than a matrix, or a single point rubric. A feedback rubric ties together all the good parts of other rubrics and encourages students to give each other constructive and effective feedback. We have been curating rubrics and developing this guide to feedback rubrics specifically with peer feedback and peer […]
Teaching Feedback Skills with Madlibs
I recently read a Medium post about using a Madlib format for giving feedback within an organization. While the post is focused on giving performance related feedback it got me thinking about how a Madlib style feedback form could help students that are just learning how to give feedback. Written from the perspective of an […]