Hacking Peergrade: Exemplars
Wait, what? That’s right we are going to teach you how to hack Peergrade and use it as an exemplary assignment. An exemplar assignment is a great way to begin to introduce the concept of peer feedback to your students or just to get a little practice before jumping into peer feedback. The idea is […]
In the data: Who should students give feedback to?
This is the third post in our “In the data” series. In these posts, we dig into our large dataset of peer feedback data to learn, explore and share what we find. In Peergrade, students are asked to review work done by other students. To make this happen, the system needs to allocate reviewers to student […]
Edtech Stories: Devices & the Digital Divide
This week we talk to Keith George an educational technologist from Alabma. Thanks again Keith! Keith started his career as a classroom teacher in social studies and history, teaching almost every grade between 6 and 12. He very quickly became “the tech guy” at his school and was named School Technology Coach. Eventually, he took […]
10 edtech blogs you need to be reading
It was a nearly impossible task to narrow the list down to 10 but we focused on choosing a diverse range of blogs that cover all different areas of Edtech. They range from blogs full of resources to those filled with inspirational stories about teaching with tech. Are we missing any of your favorites? Let […]
Peergrade goes to Y Combinator
✨ 🚀 ✨ Back in May, our founders David, Simon, and Malthe, went to San Francisco for an interview with Y Combinator. After a couple weeks of prepping and an intense 10 minutes of interviewing, all that was left to do was wait. And to our great excitement, we got accepted! Cue the celebration GIF: But on […]
More Feedback, Less Grades: Resource at a Glance
A few month we published a post about the latest gradeless community that arose from the blog post on Teachers Going Gradeless. Since our own post came out we’ve been in touch with other teachers about all the amazing resources that are out there for those interested in going gradeless. If you’re looking to go gradeless […]
In the data: What do students want from peer feedback?
This is the second post in our “In the data” series. In these posts, we dig into our large dataset of peer feedback to learn, explore and share what we find. Engaging students in peer feedback has a number of benefits, but one of the most obvious is that it trains students to become better […]