Structuring CSS in large projects
Writing CSS is easy. Writing maintainable CSS is hard. You’ve probably heard this a 100 times before. The reason is that in CSS everything is global by default. If you’re a C programmer you know that global variables are bad. If you’re any kind of programmer you know that isolation and composable modules are key […]
Giving feedback as a group is not as effective as doing it alone
How can the educational system improve peer feedback, so that students can get both a better learning experience and receive thorough feedback? This post takes a closer look at the dynamics of using peer feedback individually and in groups. The success of improving a student’s learning experience through peer grading and peer feedback is highly […]
Why you should care about getting feedback
It is perhaps easiest to recognize the significance of feedback when looking at businesses. The success of any business, regardless of its size, is dependent on the feedback they receive from their audience — it either makes it or breaks it. Feedback is essential in the process as it tells companies whether people are interested […]
Creating public tutorial videos as a course assignment
Many university courses require students to spend a lot of time writing reports and generating material that is afterwards never used for anything and remains in the private Dropbox account of the student. When you do the math, it is quite an impressive amount of knowledge which is created, solely for the sake of assessment. […]
How to use Slack for teaching a large university course
Last fall I taught the course Computational Tools for Big Data at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The course had 122 students, two assistant teachers, one single-topic lecturer and myself. The course setup was that I gave a weekly lecture on a topic related to “big data”, then the students solved exercises (they can […]
On the 7th of March, we (the 3-person founding team of Peergrade) boarded a direct plane from Copenhagen to Bangkok, destined for one month of “workcation”, the conceptual marriage of work and vacation. We had rented an apartment on Airbnb for 30 days, booked a limo (which is just a fancy word for minibus) to […]