Connecting Clever and Peergrade

It’s now even easier for students to start giving feedback! Peergrade integrates with Clever to make it simple to add your classes from Clever into Peergrade. And while it’s quick and easy we thought we could make it even easier with this handy guide to all things Clever and Peergrade.

Connecting with Clever

To import your Clever class into Peergrade, you’ll need to be signed up with Clever! When you first sign up for Peergrade you can select to sign up with Clever. Find it under the big blue Sign up button!

peergrade sign up page

Already signed up? Don’t worry! You can still connect to your Clever account. Go to your User Setting by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and then scroll all the way to the bottom. You’ll be asked to verify your Clever account and then Peergrade and Clever will start working together!peergrade user settings page - clever

How to import a class

You can easily invite your students to Peergrade when you create a new class in Peergrade. After clicking Create class in Peergrade you’ll be prompted to enter a new class title. Instead click on the Clever icon and select your class from the drop down menu and click Create new class. This will sync all your students from the Clever class with Peergrade.

Create class with Clever

How students join Peergrade

When students are ready to start giving meaningful feedback they can enter their Peergrade class in 2 ways.

  1. Students can click the Peergrade icon in their Clever portal.
  2. Students can go to and select the Clever icon below the big blue Log in button. They may be asked to log in with their Clever id before being redirected to the Peergrade.


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