How to create effective Feedback Rubrics – The ebook

Feedback rubrics are so much more than a matrix, or a single point rubric. A feedback rubric ties together all the good parts of other rubrics and encourages students to give each other constructive and effective feedback. We have been curating rubrics and developing this guide to feedback rubrics specifically with peer feedback and peer assessment in mind.

What’s in the Guide?

Foreword by Starr Sackstein

Starr Sackstein has written extensively on peer feedback and opens our guide by introducing the concept of peer feedback.

How to’s

Learn how to craft feedback rubrics for different subjects areas and to train different skill sets, for example critical thinking, self reflection and using different perspectives. We have examples of rubrics for natural sciences, creative subjects, language arts, mathematics and much more.

Rubric Templates & Examples

Find inspiration for feedback rubrics with our examples of text, scale and yes/no questions. At the end of the guide you will find a whole rubric you can use as a template for your own classes.

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