New office, new community, new friends!

Singularity University has just launched its second and biggest innovation hub outside its headquarters in Silicon Valley, and it is right here in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, under the name SingularityU Denmark. We are super proud to be among the first startups chosen to be a part of this new adventure. We have only been here four weeks and have already met a lot of fascinating people, and we are stoked to be part of a community with lots of cool startups like ideanote, Be My Eyes, and deemly.  

The SingularityU community is centred around technology. The key philosophy is that technology can help solve even the biggest problems we face globally. The mission is not technology for the sake of technology in itself, but for the benefit of the end user. The main focus is that technology must be transferred to services that bring real value to the users. You can read more about Singularity University’s vision here, including stories about how projects born out of the organization have gone on to have a global impact.

This made us reflect upon our own take on Educational Technology, which is the sector we are deeply engaged in. We believe EdTech can help solve a lot of problems and bottlenecks in the educational sector. But we do not believe technology can solve everything. Our focus is on the service Peergrade provides for teachers and students and the ways in which Peergrade can change the learning experience. Through more and better feedback, we believe students learn more and, by reviewing each other’s work, students can take learning into their own hands. This is some of the feedback we get from our awesome teachers who share their stories with us. Check them out here 🍎

Our new office!

Our building is actually a former teaching institution, which specialized in education, conveying new knowledge about teaching tools and pedagogy! How cool is that, and what a perfect match for Peergrade🎈 🐾 👻  

Our office is slowly taking shape. Before moving in, we painted the walls and bought new office supplies. Basically, the office was completely empty to begin with, and on the first day we stood by the windowsill or sat on the floor working. This weekend, we had our first decorate-the-office day, and now our space is equipped with a lounge and (until we paint our logo) a blue wall!

At some point, we will have our own official Peergrade meeting room 📈 🚀 👕 For the time being, we are only 20% there, but it still works!

Ohh, we almost forgot to mention, the moment when the builders accidentally activated the burglary smoke alarm, entrapping David in a cloud ☁

We look forward to the next blog post about our office where we will reveal how the end result will be like. Until then check out some of the other cool startups we already mentioned.


ideanote is a platform that helps any business to find challenges, frame them, and ask the right crowd to help solve them. Check them out here.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and visually impaired with sighted helpers from around the world via live video connection. Check them out here.


deemly is a reputation site, which shows the trustworthiness of users engaging in peer to peer transactions by combining ratings and reviews from multiple peer to peer platforms, such as Airbnb, ebay, and UpWork. Check them out here.

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