Feedback and Learning

Feedback on feedback

Students are able to evaluate and interact with the feedback they get, providing them with the security that they are assessed fairly and giving an incentive for writing proper feedback.


Good feedback for everyone

We make sure that everyone gets good feedback by automatically assigning feedback givers where they are most needed based on the feedback quality and grader agreement.


Research shows that the learning potential of evaluating your own work is extremely high. Adding self-evaluation is as simple as the click of a button.


Teacher feedback

Don’t want to leave everything to peer feedback? As a teacher you are also able to provide feedback, evaluations and to adjust feedback where needed.

Fair Evaluations


It is important that students feel safe in the process of peer assessment. With Peergrade students can easily mark feedback for moderation by a teacher or teaching assistant.

Calibration interface

With many students, hand-ins and even more feedback it can be hard to know where to focus your time. The calibration interface will help you quickly give extra feedback and moderation where it is most needed.

Uncertainty measures

When using Peergrade for grading, it is essential that the numbers can be trusted. We make it easy to measure how trustworthy your data is, and help you calibrate the system until the numbers are trustworthy enough to grade by.

 Data-driven Insights

Student reports

We generate full reports for all students in your course about what they hand in and the feedback they gave.

Rubric quality

Learn which questions in your rubric that the students had a hard time answering to help you improve your course.

Evaluation insights

How much time do the students spend evaluating reports? We can answer this and many other questions.

Support and integration

Pedagogical assistance

Starting to use peer assessment in your classroom might be totally new, not just because of a new tool but because of a new pedagogical approach. We are there to help you all the way by guiding you with tutorials, videos, research articles and personal assistance so you can implement it in the most effective way!



Getting up and running should not take more than 5 minutes. We provide integrations to the most common Learning Management Systems, making it easy to start.


Plagiarism detection

Detecting plagiarism is hard – so we make it easy. We spot and highlight which reports are similar and where they are similar.

Instant support

We want to make sure that everyone has a great time. If your students don’t know where to hand in at 11pm, we are there to help!


Export of all data

We allow export of all data you can imagine, from the hand-ins, to the rubrics and all the feedback given in your course.

 Fully Customisable

Rubric editor

Making evaluation rubrics is not an easy task. We make it easy to create and change rubrics that suit all your needs.



Group work is common, so of course we support that students can hand in as groups and still evaluate the work of their peers.


Who’s grading?

Should evaluating others be reserved for those who handed in, or should everyone get the chance? You can decide who should be able to evaluate.

Hand in of all file-types

Why should hand-ins only be PDF’s? We allow for any kind of exotic file-type from iPython notebooks over YouTube videos to MP3-files.


Assignment categories

What if half your class hands in reports in English, and the other half in Chinese? We make it possible to ensure that you only grade the reports that make sense.


E-mail reminders

We make sure that students and teachers are always informed about deadlines and activity by reminding them. Of course you can turn it off.


Is Assignment 1 twice as important as Assignment 2? Is one of the questions not very important? You can adjust weights on everything to correctly reflect what counts.



Research shows that being able to provide feedback anonymously makes the feedback better. With Peergrade you can easily run an anonymous peer feedback process, or you can disable it if you want.