Frequently Asked Questions

How do my students get access to the system?

There are multiple ways to add the students to the system. The first way is to use one of our integrations with other learning management systems. Alternatively you can add the student manually, either one by one or from a list of emails and names.

Can I grade the assignments as well?

Yes. As a teacher, you are also able to evaluate the reports you want to evaluate. You can click on “Add evaluation” in the administration panel when you are looking at a specific hand-in.

Can I export the data?

Yes. All the data stored in the system is exportable to multiple formats. If you need to export more than we have available, please contact us.

How do I create a rubric in the system?

We have a rubric editor where you can construct rubrics easily. A rubric consists of a number of sections, each with a number of questions. A question type can be either free-text, yes/no or a numerical scale. You are able to choose the question text, the number of steps in the numerical scale, the texts on the individual steps and more.

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