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So how does it actually work?

Peergrade is an online sofware application that allows teachers to easily create peer assessment sessions, monitor student performance and create a better learning experience for students.

Advanced peer assessment made easy


You create an assignment

You create an assignment, specify your evaluation criteria and open the assignment for hand-in.


Students hand in their work

Your students hand in their work which can be anything from Word documents to Youtube videos.


Hand-ins are distributed

We automatically distribute the hand-ins between the students, ensuring that everyone will get feedback.


Students evaluate reports

The students evaluate the hand-ins assigned to them using the evaluation rubric.


Students receive feedback

When the peer-evaluation process is over, the students receive all the feedback given to their report.


You get the complete overview

As a teacher you get the complete overview of how good the hand-ins are and what feedback was given.

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More and better feedback

Peer grading provides students with the feedback they deserve. When grading a large number of assignments, the result is often that students receive very little feedback on their work. The best way to learn is to write and solve problems, but without feedback this becomes unsatisfactory.

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Learning on a higher level

Spending time on evaluating and giving feedback to the work of others forces students to reflect on the key learnings of the course. This task is an exercise of the highest step in Bloom's Taxonomy: Evaluation and elevates student learning.

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Save time

An immense amount of time and money is spent by teachers and teaching assistants grading assignments. Peer grading offers a way to dramatically reduce the time spent on grading while actually increasing the quality of the feedback.

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Get data-driven insights into student performance

Discover what is working well and what could be improved in your course. We will help you create the best evaluation criteria possible.

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Higher learning with more and better feedback

Getting feedback is essential for learning, and the process of giving feedback elevates learning to a much higher level.

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Easy to use for everyone

Educational software does not need to be old, unintuitive and hard to use. Being fun and easy to use is our most important feature.

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Give fair evaluations of hand-ins and feedback

It is essential that evaluations are fair – and often simply taking the average of the peer-evaluations is not enough. We do better than that.

Sune Lehmann
Associate Professor,
Technical University of Denmark

Complex and open ended assignments are a key part of my teaching. But it is difficult to use these as a teaching tool in large classes, because of the high time-cost associated with grading and providing detailed feedback. Using peergrade.io we were able to provide dramatically better feedback in a course with 100+ students. In addition, peergrade.io is easy to use and made it possible to get up and running quickly.

Thomas Pedersen
Technical University of Denmark

I believe that university is for learning, not getting grades. By evaluating hand-ins of other students you get to see their solutions, learn from what they did and discover multiple ways of solving the exercises. Feedback from peers can vary a lot, which means that sometimes they catch something the professor would not have.

Mads Bunch
Associate Professor,
University of Copenhagen

The midterm evaluation of the course has shown that the students think it works fantastically well. The students are as good as me in picking the best texts from their fellow students.

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