All basic features to get started

Upload of all file types
Max size per file upload 50mb




Everything in Free +

Disable anonymity
Submit as group
Allow non-submitters to review
Max size per file upload 500mb

$2 / student / year



Everything in Basic +

Assignment & question weights
Categories & reverse categories
LMS integration
Max size per file upload 2gb

$5 / student / year


What does a "student" mean?

We count so-called "active students". A student is considered active if they are currently a participant in a class that is not archived. You can think of the number of students in a plan as the maximum number of students that can use Peergrade at the same time.

Which features do I get in the basic plan?

The basic features includes everything except the features that are described as additional features on the K12 and Higher Education plans. You can read about features on our Features page.

What if I am not teaching in K12 or Higher Education, but still want to use Peergrade?

Please contact us and we will figure out what options you have available.